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Petit Paws is a gourmet bakery catering for all the special fur babies out there.

All our biscuits and pupcakes are handmade and have been crafted to ensure that they're both nutritious and tasty for your dog.


Our very own fur baby, Toby, is a labrador border collie cross. The labrador in him means that he is happy to eat all day, every day. So, we wanted to make sure that anything we were feeding him was healthy and nutrtious, as well as being yummy for him.

We found that a number of dog treats contain "meat by products", which is generally a nasty mix of dead or euthanised animals (that may have been either old, sick or underweight and not suitable for human consumption), teeth, hooves and other unwanted parts of animals all minced together. 

A number of dog food products also contain preservatives, additives, salt, bleached white flour and sugar. None of which are good for a dog.

We did not want to be feeding these sorts of things to out dog so we decided to bake our own treats. Our doggy treats are made with quality ingredients and contain no additives or preservatives. 

​Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to maximise the nutritional value and tastiness of each treat and has been approved by our local vet. We hope that your special pooch enjoys our tasty baked treats as much as Toby does.

Petit Paws


If you are looking for something extra special or a little different for your canine pal, flick us an email at petitpawsnz@gmail.com and we will see how we can help.

Also, remember to add us on Facebook to keep up to date with any new goodies that become available!


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